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Investing in Experience

At Envision, we believe that there is a more profitable way to invest in real estate – not all real estate deals are destined to succeed.  We negotiate and structure the right deals for our investors and complete a thorough in depth analysis before moving ahead.  We owe our success to our hard work, creative approach, diligence and our ability to make the right decisions based on our knowledge, skills and experience, including our mistakes.

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Envision seeks risk-adjusted high yield returns by investing in stabilized and value-add commercial real estate throughout the US with the following attributes:

  • Below fair market value acquisition price
  • Investment grade tenants, performing tenants, long-term leases and/or leases with assurances of renewal
  • High leverage non-recourse mortgage financing, and/or
  • Upside through adding value with risk mitigation, additional leasing, lease renewals, and/or improvements or renovations to the property.
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Unlike a REIT or other heavily regulated investment vehicle, Envision uses company and transaction structures that eliminate wasteful expenditures such as office, administrative and general overhead costs, and employee salaries, and minimizes regulatory and operational costs. Envision also employs a variety of creative debt and equity financing techniques to obtain higher leverage resulting in above-market returns for investors, without the additional risk. These structures may include, for example:

  • Personal guarantees from the sponsor
  • Preferred equity
  • Non-recourse mezzanine financing
  • Security deposits, escrows and/or reserves

These alternative structures result in enhanced returns and an accelerated return of capital to investors, and therefore, a reduced level of risk and a superior investment.

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Our Properties

4261 Fulton Parkway

5055 Highway N

200 Lawrence Drive

4500 Munson Street NW

550 Highland Street

6385 B Drive North

3320 Alpine Avenue

1080 Silver Bluff Road

24 Ames Boulevard

3725 Sixes Road

1250 Auburn Road

5528 Portage Road

2032 Front Street

2115 Barrett Station Road

435 E. Main Street

75 W. Plummer Boulevard

122 S. County Center Way

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